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explain like I’m five: what is SSH?

SSH is like a secure phone line between two computers. When one computer wants to talk or send something to another computer over the internet, SSH makes sure that their conversation is secret and that no one else can listen in or understand what they’re saying. People use SSH to give commands to another computer or to send files safely. It’s like having a secret code or handshake between the two computers.

Imagine SSH as a special secret tunnel between two treehouses. When Timmy in Treehouse A wants to send a secret note to Tommy in Treehouse B, he uses this tunnel. Nobody outside can see or read the note, because it’s protected inside the tunnel.

In the computer world:

  • Timmy’s treehouse is your computer.
  • Tommy’s treehouse could be a website server or another computer.
  • The note is like a command or a file you want to send.

For example, if you have a website and want to send a new picture to it, you can use an SSH tunnel to do it securely.

Popular software that uses SSH:

  • PuTTY: It’s like a walkie-talkie for your computer to talk to another computer securely.
  • FileZilla (with SFTP): It’s like a secure mailman that can deliver or pick up files between treehouses.

So, whenever you hear “SSH”, think “secret tunnel for computers”.