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explain like I’m five: OAuth 2.0

Imagine you have a box of toys, and you want to let your friend play with them, but without giving them the key to the box. Instead, you give the key to a trusted robot and tell your friend to ask the robot if they want to play. Your friend goes to the robot, proves who they are, and the robot then lets them play with certain toys based on what you’ve allowed.

OAuth 2.0 works similarly:

  1. It’s a way for applications to access specific information without needing to know your full username and password.
  2. For example, when you log into a game using your Facebook account, the game doesn’t get your full Facebook login details. Instead, it gets a special token (kind of like a temporary key) that allows it limited access.
  3. OAuth 2.0 is the system that manages this process, ensuring everything is secure and only the right data is accessed.

So, in short, OAuth 2.0 is like a trusted system that lets apps borrow some of your data without giving them full access to your account.