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explain like I’m five: CASB

A CASB, or Cloud Access Security Broker, is like a security guard for companies that use cloud services. Let’s break it down:

Imagine a company uses various online tools and services, like file storage in the cloud, email services, or collaboration tools. Employees access these tools from different places: the office, home, cafes, or even from other countries.

Now, the company needs to make sure that:

  1. Only the right people are accessing the company’s data.
  2. The data is being used safely and not being exposed to threats.

This is where a CASB comes in. A CASB sits between the company’s users and the cloud services they use. It monitors all the traffic and activities and applies security policies.

For example:

  • If an employee tries to access a company file from a suspicious location or device, the CASB can block that access.
  • If someone is trying to upload sensitive company data to an unauthorized cloud service, the CASB can detect and stop it.
  • It can encrypt sensitive data before it gets saved in the cloud.
  • It offers visibility into what’s happening with the company’s data in the cloud, like who’s accessing what and from where.

Popular CASB solutions include McAfee MVISION Cloud, Netskope, and Bitglass. Companies use these tools to ensure that their cloud usage remains safe and compliant with rules and regulations.