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explain like i’m 5: what is cybersecurity

Okay kiddo, imagine you have a secret toy you don’t want anyone else to play with. You put it in a special box and you give the box a special lock that only you can open with a special key. That’s kind of like what cybersecurity is all about.

In the computer world, there are lots of bad guys who want to steal or mess with other people’s toys, which can be things like their bank account information or personal photos. So, just like your special box, we use special locks called passwords and other security measures to protect our stuff online.

But sometimes, bad guys can still find a way to break in, just like if someone figured out how to pick your lock. That’s why we have to be careful about what we share online and use strong passwords that are hard to guess. We also have to keep our devices and software up to date so that any weaknesses can be fixed.

So, in short, cybersecurity is all about protecting our digital stuff from bad guys who want to take it or mess with it. It’s like putting a lock on your toy box, but for your computer and internet stuff