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explain like I’m 5: network attached storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is like a special kind of external hard drive, but instead of plugging it directly into your computer with a cable, you connect it to your home or business network. It’s like a personal cloud storage that you own and control.

Imagine you have a big toy box (the NAS) where you can store all your favorite toys (your files and data). But instead of keeping the box in your room (your computer), you keep it in the living room (network) where everyone in the house can access it.

This means that anyone on the same network, like your family or coworkers, can save their files to the NAS, and also open files from it. This is really handy if you want to share files with others, or if you have too many files to fit on your own computer. It’s also great because it can be set up to automatically backup the files that you save on it, so if something happens to your computer, your files are still safe.

So, a NAS is like a super-charged external hard drive that you and others can access over a network to store, share, and backup files.