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explain like I’m 5: difference between watts and volts

Let’s imagine we are at a water park. There are slides, right? Think of voltage (volts) like the height of a water slide. The taller the slide, the more potential you have to go really fast.

Wattage (watts), on the other hand, is like the actual speed you end up going down the slide. It’s the real power you have when you’re zooming down the slide.

So, voltage is the potential to have power (like the height of the slide), and wattage is the actual power you end up with (like how fast you go down the slide).

And to make sure we don’t get confused, ‘wattage’ is just another word for ‘watts’. They both refer to the actual power you have, just like how fast you go down the slide. So if someone says “this light bulb uses 60 watts” they could also say “this light bulb has a wattage of 60”. Both mean the same thing.

Remember, it’s always important to have the right wattage for our toys and gadgets. If we try to use too much power (like trying to go down a slide that’s too tall for us), we might break them!