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Explain like I’m 5: difference between ssl and tls

Alright kiddo, imagine you’re sending a secret message to your friend. You don’t want anyone else to see what you wrote, so you put it in a special envelope that you lock with a key. When your friend gets the envelope, they use their own key to unlock it and read your message.

Now, when you send a message over the internet, it’s kind of like sending it through a bunch of tubes that anyone can peek into. So, to keep your message a secret, we use something called SSL or TLS.

SSL and TLS are both ways to lock up your message in a special envelope before sending it over the internet. They use really strong locks to make sure that only the person you’re sending the message to can open it. SSL and TLS are like two different types of locks that you can use to secure your message.

SSL was the first type of lock we used, but it wasn’t as strong as it needed to be, so we came up with TLS. TLS is like a newer and stronger version of SSL, kind of like a new and improved lock. TLS does a better job of keeping your message safe from bad guys who might try to peek at it while it’s traveling through the tubes.

So, to sum it up, SSL and TLS are both ways to keep your messages safe from bad guys on the internet, but TLS is a newer and stronger version of the lock that does a better job of keeping your messages secret.