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Explain like I’m 5: default gateway

A default gateway in a network is kind of like a door or a gatekeeper that connects your device to the rest of the internet or network. It’s a special device or router that sits between your device and the internet or network, and helps your device communicate with other devices outside of your local network.

Think of it like a house with a big yard. You have a gate at the front of your yard that separates your yard from the street. This gate is like your default gateway. When you want to go outside your yard and play with your friends on the street, you must go through the gate. Similarly, when you want to connect to a website or communicate with another device outside your local network, you must go through your default gateway.

Your default gateway is usually set up automatically when you connect to a network. It’s like your device is given a map that tells it where to find the default gateway. Once your device knows where the default gateway is, it can use it to send and receive data to and from other devices on the internet or network.

Overall, a default gateway is an important part of a network that helps your device connect to the rest of the internet or network, kind of like how a gate or a door helps you connect your yard to the street.

A default gateway can be changed. Changing the default gateway is sometimes necessary if you want your device to communicate with a different network or if you want to troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

The default gateway is usually set automatically when your device connects to a network, but you can manually change it if necessary. To change your device’s default gateway, you must access your network settings and enter the new gateway address.

Remember that changing the default gateway can affect how your device communicates with other devices on the network or the internet. If you’re unsure what you’re doing, it’s best to consult a network administrator or IT support to avoid any issues.

In summary, the default gateway can be changed if necessary, but it should be done carefully to avoid unintended consequences.